Pocopson Elementary School – Halloween Parade 2014

I took the day off work today, and my wife and I went to the always-entertaining PES Halloween parade.   Dr. McLaughlin, AKA the Admiral James T. Kirk, ably led the parade of costumed teachers and kids past hundreds of enthusiastic parents.  The streets were lined with supportive faces, and attendance was so robust that a few cars had to park out on Pocopson road.

Following the parade, parents poured into the school to snap more photos and join the kids’ classroom parties.  Parents provided the usual abundance of enticing snacks and drinks.  On the second floor of the building, a wonderful bakery-like aroma made its way through the hallways.  We finally tracked it back to Ms. Glod-Wetzel’s 3rd grade classroom, which had a waffle iron cooking hot waffles for the kids.  Kudos to the homeroom parents who orchestrated that!

I saw many parents who had taken the day or morning off work to come to the parade, and to support their kids and the school.  It is great to see such a high level of community support — parental involvement is a big part of what makes UCFSD successful.