Help select the next blog series

I need the help of my readers to select the next blog series.  (PSERS was my first series.)  Please read the blurb on each of the three proposed series, then leave your vote by clicking on the poll at the end.

Topic #1 –  Quality Schools

Everyone seems to agree that we should provide high quality education in our schools.  Quality education is universally sought after, and for good reason. The quality of education that our kids receive has a surprisingly large effect on their future. In one recent study, the quality of a student’s teacher was shown to increase lifetime earnings by 200,000.

In the last 20 years, there has been a tremendous amount of research into our educational system in the US. And we now have a very good understanding of the factors that lead to better educational outcomes. While the research agenda is never done, there are many learnings from research and practice that we should be applying right now at UCFSD.

In this “Quality Schools” series, I will review what does and does not lead to better educational outcomes.

Topic #2 –   Teacher Quality

We intuitively know that teachers have a huge influence on student achievement. It is teachers who are in the classroom each day, delivering content, stimulating learning, modeling learning behaviors, creating an orderly environment, and personalizing instruction to each child’s needs. Great teachers engage their students, excite them about learning, and deliver content in interesting ways.

In the last 10 years, researchers have made some surprising discoveries about how much high quality teaching matters. And the way we run our schools needs to catch up to what we now know about teacher quality.

Knowing that high quality teachers are so important, we ought to run our schools in a way that attracts, develops, and retains high quality teachers. Excellent teaching should be rewarded (and conversely, poor teaching should not.)

In this “Teacher Quality” series, I will look at the value of great teaching, how we can get more great teaching in our schools, and how teacher compensation at UCFSD works (and doesn’t) in relation to this goal.

Topic #3 – My Vision for UCFSD Schools

Our community is proud of UCFSD, and should be.  Our schools are recognized as some of the best in the state, we have dedicated teachers, involved parents, generous local businesses, and excellent administration. And we have achieved this while spending less than many other school districts.

Although we are doing well, we should not be complacent.  Every strong and healthy organization needs a vision of the future and a strategy to get there.   In this series, I will lay out a vision of what our school district could become, and six core strategies to get there.