You actually can’t vote yet, but the 2015 election season has just begun.  And I am launching my campaign right here on this blog!  Get excited!  The first step I must take is to get my name listed on the ballot for the May 2015 primary elections.

So I need to collect signatures from residents of Pocopson, Newlin, and Birmingham townships who would like to see me listed as a candidate for School Board.  I will be filing ‘petitions’ to be listed on both the Democratic and Republican primary ballots, so all residents who want to sign can do so.  (You just need to sign the petition corresponding to the political party that matches your voter registration.)

My ‘platform’ is summarized on the campaign flyer below, and you can also visit the “My Vision” menu above to find out more about my priorities for our schools (or click here)

More to come in future posts!



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