Unionville-Chadds Ford Schools – Let’s Become World Class

Every child comes to UCF with incredible potential, with a world of opportunities ahead of them.   A world class education will open the door to those possibilities, and will prepare all students to realize their highest aspirations.

We already have a strong school district today.    Our graduates go on to challenging universities, interesting careers, and fulfilling lives.   UCF is known as a good place to work, and we attract the best teachers and administrators.   We have generous, supportive, and involved families.  We are well-run, fiscally responsible, and have a top credit rating.

Building on these strengths, we can do even better. Our students deserve world class schools – the best around.  What does world class look like?

  1. All students graduating fully prepared to achieve their academic and career goals.
  2. Great teachers and administrators who stay and thrive.
  3. A behavioral climate that is safe, supportive, respectful, and encouraging.
  4. A proven curriculum that accelerates student learning and engagement.
  5. Well-informed families who are fully engaged in our educational mission
  6. A fiscally strong and efficiently run district, mindful of our tax-payers.

To become world class, our practices need to get even better in each of these six areas.  And we should pursue this because of what a world class education brings:  more life opportunities to each one of our UCF students.

In coming posts, I will expand on each of these six priorities.