State of the Blog, March 1 2015

The blog is now six months old, and things have really picked up in the last 3 months …. more posts, more subscribers, more views, and more comments.  The blog has also gone global !?

A hundred thousand things to see?

Readership has taken off in January and February.

Monthly Views Feb 2015

New horizons to pursue?

Surprisingly, a blog that is narrowly focused on 70 square miles in Pennsylvania has attracted readers from around the world.   US visitors are 98.5% of the views, but during the last quarter the blog has had visitors from all of the countries whose flags are shown below.   Perhaps some are from UCFSD residents on vacation or business trips?  Or perhaps visitors are my friends and colleagues from when we lived in Asia?

Country Flags Blog

Otherwise it is somewhat hard to explain ….  If you are the reader from Bhutan (2nd row, far right flag), you have to drop me an email and let me know what is up!!  (How many flags can you name without looking them up?   I think any more than 6 is pretty good.)

I can open your eyes?

My series on Great Teaching has generated substantial interest.  Understanding how teachers are compensated is important, since teachers are front-and-center every day with our students. Readers seem to agree, as the top 3 posts in the last quarter are these:

How well do we pay UCFSD teachers      267 views
How does teacher pay work                     185 views
How much do UCFSD teachers earn         81 views

A new fantastic point of view?

Readers have taken to the comments in greater numbers.  Readers have been civil and enthusiastic, which is exactly what I like to see.  The blog is better for it  — I like to hear from our residents as well as our teachers, administrators, and support staff.  Comments are one way for me to hear your opinion … email is also a great, less public option that several folks have chosen.

Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling?

The easiest way to follow the blog, as many readers have discovered, is to follow on Facebook, Google+, or to click on the ‘follow’ button in the right margin of the blog and provide your email address.  Then when there is a new post, you will receive an email with a link to the new post. Just click and you will be transported right to the new entry.  Thank you to my two dozen faithful followers!  If you use an RSS reader on your smart phone (like Feedly or Flipboard) you can also add the blog there … just add the blog’s URL :

As always, thanks for reading!  (Did you get the Aladdin theme?)

thank you international

Flag answers:

US, Brazil, Italy, UK, PhilippinCountry Flags Bloges
India, Tunisia, Australia, Canada, Bhutan
Suriname, Portugal, Spain, Costa Rica, Uruguay
Greece, Romania, Mexico, Poland