2015-16 UCFSD Tax Increase vs. Chester County

The UCFSD school board recently approved a tax increase (average across Chester and Delaware Counties) of 2.28%.   And our board and community had a lively debate about how to meet our present and future fiscal requirements, challenges, and risks.

Across Chester County, other school districts faced similar challenges and questions.  How many exceptions above the Act 1 index should be taken?   Should we draw down reserves or increase reserves?  How do we cope with the escalating costs of PSERS and medical insurance?

Here is the result of budget and tax decisions across the county:

2015-16 Tax Increases Chester Cty

As you can see, UCFSD’s tax increase of 2.28% was 42 percentage points higher (22%) than the average increase in Chester county, and only materially lower than one district — T/E.

Seven out of the twelve districts raised taxes at or below the Act I index of 1.9%.  UCFSD was one of five to use exceptions to increase taxes above the Act 1 index.

With respect to the rest of Chester County, UCFSD’s budget increase of 2.28% looks quite reasonable … higher than most, and lower than some.