Opting In: The Power of Testing – Algebra & Biology Keystones

One of the problems with the ‘Opt Out’ movement is its disdain for standardized testing.  Without testing, we would not have access to rich data sets that tell us how our schools are truly performing.

In previous posts we have looked at UCF test results for PSSA Math and PSSA Reading.  Today we look at Keystone results for Algebra and Biology.

The scatterplots below are drawn using PSSA’s analysis tools, which are available to the public.  For help understanding the meaning of the data, you can watch video explanations here.

The first scatterplot shows UCFSD’s position (red square) relative to all PA school districts (yellow ovals).  In addition, the blue rectangles show Chester County school districts.   School that are performing well on achievement and growth are those in the top right quadrant.

Keystone results are presented below without further comment.  I hope by now it is self-evident that having this district- and school-level information is critical to understanding and improving the performance of our schools.

Chart 1:  Keystone Biology – UCFSD vs. All PA School DistrictsKeystone Bio PA

Chart 2:  Keystone Biology – UCFSD Building Results vs. Chester County Schools

Keystone Bio 1 CC

Chart 3:  Keystone Algebra 1 – UCFSD vs. All PA School Districts

Keystone Alg 1 PA

Chart 4:  Keystone Algebra 1 – UCFSD Building Results vs. Chester County Schools

Keystone Alg 1 CC