Class Size Fact Set for UCFSD

On Monday, the school board had an extended discussion on class size guidelines and the specific circumstances of Hillendale Elementary’s third grade students.   I gave a 15 minute presentation to help educate the board and the community on this topic.

To explain how class size guidelines work, I show how cohorts of students are turned into classroom sections.  In addition, I illustrate how cohort size relates to average class size.    Finally, I examine actual class sizes at our four elementary schools over the last six school years.   How common is it for a student to experience a larger class size in our district?   Why does a uniform class size policy lead to different class sizes at four schools?  And is there any evidence in our PSSA scores that class size matters?

For the answers, check out the slides below ….

Slides:     Class Size November 2015 – Sage ext

… or you can also listen to the presentation with onscreen slides by watching the meeting replay here.