Monthly Archives: March 2023

Campaign Priority #6 – Drive Efficiency

UCFSD has an annual budget of over $100 million, and budget increases are limited by Pennsylvania law (Act 1). Therefore, we must be operationally efficient and spend every dollar wisely. By improving our productivity in administration and support functions, we will have more funds available to invest in high-quality instruction and modern facilities.

Apps like PowerSchool and Canvas have already increased classroom efficiency, and we should be constantly on the lookout for new technologies to improve productivity and energy efficiency.

We also must be wise when it comes to new investments. This means saying “no” to nice-to-have projects and carefully scrutinizing new programs.

In today’s economic environment, we must prioritize academics, leverage technology to save money and carefully evaluate new programs. As your representative on the school board, you can count on me to ensure that our schools are running in the most effective and efficient way possible.

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