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Education Links #10

Welcome back from Spring Break!

I did some extra reading over the break, including a larger-than-usual foray into education topics.  Here are articles from around the web that caught my eye.  Enjoy!

1.   Snow days don’t hurt student academic performance, but student absences from school do.  From Washington Post.

2.  An analysis of Pennsylvania’s School Performance Profile (SPP) rating system for schools shows that the profile scores are biased in favor of low-poverty districts like UCF.   Note that PVAAS growth scores (for reading and math) are the component with the least income bias.

3.  A presentation from a conference on teacher pensions shows that the biggest losers from the current retirement system are …. teachers.

4.  Why grading teachers using student test scores may not yield the expected benefits

5.  PA Lawmaker proposes changes to prevailing wage law, to lessen the cost of school district construction projects.  I good thing to do, IMHO.




Education Links #9

Articles from around the web that caught my eye this week.  Enjoy!

1.  5 view of teacher quality – in NY Times

2.  Videos that show what common core standards look like in action, for grades K-5.  Something similar would be a great parent resource at UCF, if tied to our curriculum.

3.  Magic Years –  The Incentives Created by Pensions

4.  “What works” in education?

5.   Pennsylvania is #2!  (Unfortunately, this is a study of the most underfunded pension plans from 2001-2013)





Education Links #7

Articles from around the web that caught my eye this week.  Enjoy!

1.  A shining example of what happens every day:   a UCF teacher helping a UHS student reach his potential  (h/t J. Sanville)

2.  No surprise — PSERS given a D+ by NCTQ

3.  Interesting idea: Arizona will now mandate a civics test for high school graduation

4.  A different career path for a teacher:  becoming a defensive assistant for the Super Bowl champs. (An old but interesting interview with coach Brendan Daly).

5.  Contrary to what you may have heard, the U.S.  lags other countries at educating kids from well-educated families

Education Links #6

Articles from around the web that caught my eye this week.  Enjoy!

1.  The past and future of labor unions (not specifically about teachers unions)

2.  The man who developed common core math standards, who now believes it is all about curriculum.

3.  A balanced profile of the educational services beheamoth Pearson PLC

4. The single salary schedule generates too many elementary ed teachers and not enough special ed and high school math and science teachers.

Education Links #4

A few things from around the internet that caught my eye in the past week.  Enjoy!

1.  PSERS pension fund still massively underfunded despite stellar fund returns in 2014

2.  Seriously?  January is school board director appreciation month.  Just what we needed!  Add it to the list … January is also Weight Loss Awareness Month, National Codependency Awareness Month, Stalking Awareness Month, and Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

3.  Teacher Quality Pursued in Pittsburgh, but Groups Differ in Diagnoses and Solutions

4.  How to Connect Curriculum with Standards in the Classroom