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Redistricting Advisory Committee: “No Need to Redistrict for 2015-16”

The Advisory Committee met on Monday morning to review the enrollment projections for our four elementary schools.    The consensus that emerged is that we do not need to redistrict for 2015-16, and the small growth that may occur in future years at Pocopson can be accommodated without changing elementary school boundariesContinue reading

Advisory Committee Receives Update on Redistricting Study

On Wednesday morning our consultants provided the advisory committee an update on their work to develop enrollment projections for our elementary schools.

The enrollment projection is still a work-in-progress, and will not be ready until late next week.  The committee will meet again on Friday December 12 to receive the completed findings on enrollment.  There were no school-level projections shared today.

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Pocopson Redistricting Advisory Committee – Your Representatives

Last week the Advirsory Commmittee on Pocoposon Redistricting met for the first time (see my earlier post here).

The minutes of the meeting as well as the contact information for all committee members is now available on the UCFSD web site here.   I strongly encourage all members of our community to learn about the enrollment projection phase of the study, and to engage with the model output when it is available in mid-December.

To stay connected, you can always contact me or suscribe to the blog.  Or contact one of the parent advisory committee representatives:



Advisory Committee Meets to Review Redistricting Project Plan

On Thursday November 6, the Pocopson redistricting committee kicked off Phase 1 of the Redistricting Project.   The Advisory Committee, meeting for the first time, spent 90 minutes reviewing the committee’s role, the reasons for embarking on the study, and the project timeline.  Greg Lindner and I participated by phone, representing the School Board.  Representatives from each elementary school were present, including parents, teachers, and/or principals.

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Redistricting Study Announced

pocopson elemPocopson Elementary’s enrollment rose to 652 students this year, putting it just about at full capacity.  District Administration recommends that we study the capacity issue over the next 6 months, with redistricting being a potential outcome.  See the presentation delivered to the Board on September 8:   Redistricting Presentation Sept 8 2014.

Among the questions to be answered is whether the uptick in enrollment is likely to be temporary or permanent, and if Pocopson is indeed projected to be over-capacity, then what should be done.

As a parent of Pocopson students, I am personally very interested in this issue.     I will provide updates on my blog at significant points, and will also be soliciting comments from parents and taxpayers along the way.

I encourage community members to email me with questions or concerns.  Or subscribe to my blog to keep up to date.