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“I’m not good at Math”

One of the more harmful constructs in American culture is the belief that natural ability, rather than hard work, is the path to success.  And in the field of education, the attitude of “I’m not good at [blank]” can be quite harmful and become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

24-year old Sam Priestly, a not-very-athletic English writer, was chosen by table tennis coach Ben Larcombe to demonstrate what hard work can accomplish.  Ben, convinced he could turn anyone into a top-tier player, coached Sam for one hour each day for a year.  The goal was to turn Sam into a top-100 table tennis player.   Continue reading

An Truly Innovative Way to Teach Tech

When public schools get “innovative” on technology, we offer a high school course on Java, talk about 1:1 computing, promote a “day of code” or buy carts of Chrome books so that kids can interact with digital content for a couple of hours each day.

But that’s not what real innovation looks like.  How about a school where every class includes coding as part of the curriculum, even Art?  Where teachers are coached by Google engineers and IDEO designers?  Where students spend full trimesters in lab setting solving real-world problems?

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UCFSD Annual Achievement Report Published

At Monday’s school board meeting, the Administration reported on UCF’s academic achievement results for 2013-2014.   Overall, the results are excellent, and you can view the report for yourself on the District’s home page, here (top right corner).  You can also watch the video of the presentation (90 minutes!)   Here is the administration’s intro to the report:

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