Support Families

As a school board director, I understand that families are responsible for the education of their children, and play a vital role in our school system. It is essential that we have a strong partnership between our schools and families as we strive to deliver a world-class education.

One of the key ways we can support families is being clear and open about what their kids are learning and how they are being assessed. I supported the implementation of our Canvas system which, along with PowerSchool, empowers parents to stay in touch with what is happening in the classroom, understand how they can support their child’s learning at home, and see the results of recent assignments.

Families also should have a voice in shaping our academically rigorous curriculum. It is very important to me that we select high-quality materials for the classroom, and that we involve parents in the review and selection of those materials.  I will make sure that input from families heard and incorporated into curriculum decisions.

Another way to help families is by making sure there is effective communication between teachers and parents. We should have a team attitude so that families feel comfortable reaching out to teachers and principals with any questions or concerns they may have about their child’s education. And teachers should communicate regularly with parents about progress, concerns, and how parents can support and get involved with what is happening in the classroom.

By being open and transparent, getting families involved, and supporting parent-teacher communication, we will create a more effective learning environment that reflects the best values of our community.

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