Whose viewpoint does the blog represent?

This blog represents the personal views of Bob Sage.  It does not serve as the voice of the UCFSD school board, nor does it represent the views of other school board members.

Why was this blog started?

This blog was started in 2014 to engage the residents of UCFSD on the issues facing our school district, and to provide another avenue for residents to speak up and be heard

What are the rules for leaving comments?

For the time being, comments may be left without registering and therefore can be anonymous.   Please keep comments civil, respectful, and rated ‘G’.

How is the web site supported?

The site is paid for by Bob Sage.  No funds taken from Big Oil, Big Labor, 503(c)s, 401(k)s, Fat Cats, Small Fries, Free Range Chickens, or any other interest group.  The site could have been completely free, but I had to pay a few bucks in order to spare my readers from Ads.  You’re welcome.

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