My Vision for our School District

Every child comes to UCF with incredible potential, with a world of opportunities ahead of them.   A world class education opens the door to those possibilities, and prepares each student to realize their highest aspirations.

We already have a strong school district today.    Our graduates go on to challenging universities, interesting careers, and fulfilling lives.   UCF is known as a good place to work, and we attract the best teachers and administrators.   We have generous, supportive, and involved families.  We are well-run, fiscally responsible, and have a top credit rating.

Building on these strengths, we can do even better.  We should have world class schools – the best around.  By doing this, we will expand the life opportunities of our UCF students, opportunities that only come through a great education.

My priorities for UCFSD

  • We will help every student grow academically and to reach their full potential
  • We will have great teachers and each school will be led by a great principal
  • Our schools will be a place where every child is respected, feels safe and supported, and is encouraged to succeed
  • We will provide a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum, with more emphasis on STEM
  • We will more effectively engage our community with resources, information, and tools to help parents guide and participate in their child’s education
  • We will be more operationally efficient and financially strong, always respecting our taxpayers


Our Students Block Teachers Block
Schools BlockCurriculum Block
Community Block
Finances Block

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