Priority 3: A Great Environment for Learning

UCFSD schools must have a world-class learning environment, where every child is respected, feels safe, and can succeed.  We must have high expectations (which by themselves have been shown to increase achievement).  But we also must provide the support students need to reach their goals.

A world class school climate will create the right conditions for learning, foster a sense of pride and purpose, encourage mutual respect, emphasize the value of education, build commitment around the core values of the school, and amplify the motivation of teachers and students.   We need a positive culture that propels students to believe they can succeed, that invites teachers to innovate and collaborate with each other, and which celebrates students reaching their potential.

We also must attend to issues like academic dishonesty, harassment, theft, drug use, and discrimination so that they are deprived of fertile soil and wither away.  We owe it to our students to have a climate that maximizes the potential for learning, that is safe, fun, and inviting.

Measures of Success:  School climate survey, benchmarked against top quartile schools

Key Next Steps:   Select school climate survey tool and implement across the district.  Analyze areas for improvement and implement changes.

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